Friday, October 31, 2014

Sausage, Shrimps, Vegetable Egg Scramble

Remember this Sausage and Chard Saute? You can serve them as a side-dish with rice, or toss with pasta to make a one-dish pasta meal. But hey, did we miss out breakfast?

A similar dish can also be made into an egg scramble, bulking up with green beans and shrimps, a perfect way to bump up some proteins for breakfast.

It may look like a lot of sausages (photo above) but it is not.

Usually I fry up just one sausage to render out some fat. Then use half for a scramble like this and the other half to saute with greens. The sausage is to flavor the dish and not to function as the main protein.

Oh did you just hear ONE sausage? Yes, one sausage and I even have to have a divided use on that! The advantage of buying from a store like Sprouts Farmers Market which stocks up on fresh hand-made sausages (without nitrates, without MSG) is that you can buy it by the bulk and in my case, just one. And may I add - buy one, no questions asked.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cabbage with Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms 高丽菜炒鲜香菇

Similar to carrots, cabbage is available year-round. However, in the cooler fall/autumn months, the cabbage harvest is a much sweeter batch with the light frost concentrating the sugars in this vegetable.

This is yet another easy and quick stir-fry for stir-fry lovers. Visualize and imagine this dish being paired with rice or noodles, and  voila! - carbs, fiber, proteins all in one single dish that can be proudly made a meal.

I have been getting fresh shiitake mushrooms quite regularly ever since Mitsuwa Supermarket (Bay Area location) started stocking up on these Californian-grown mushrooms. Though they are not cheap (range between $6.99-$8.99/lb) compared to the China-import fresh shiitake mushrooms usually available in 99Ranch Asian supermarket, I do try to make it a point to get the local domestic California-grown mushrooms; and especially when shiitakes mushrooms are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, it is worth spending a few more bucks on this nutritious and healthy ingredient.

Mushrooms Tips: Compared to those dried shiitake mushrooms that hail longer shelf life, fresh shiitakes do not keep for too long in the refrigerator, at most 3 weeks if stored well. Usually, I will remove the fresh mushrooms from their transparent plastic packaging, then place them in a kitchen-paper-towel-lined container with a slightly damped kitchen-paper-towel to loosely cover over the mushrooms, for storage in the fridge. The mushrooms need to "breathe"!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Warm Beets Salad 醋拌甜菜

LOVE BEETS. How ironical this is from my perspective, as I don't really love beets that much. But would like to love it a little, day by day, month by month.

Beets are in season right now (beets is also a fall/autumn produce in addition to pumpkin squash, carrots) but when I saw this convenience organic beets pack from Costco, I decided to try the product, at the same time, try to incorporate beets as much as I can to our meals. As "convenience" goes, they can be consumed straight from the pack so I do not have to do any peeling.

Each vacuum-pack contains four pre-cooked beets. You can choose to eat them straight from the pack (e.g. salads, sushi) or if you prefer, re-heat (warm) them before consumption.

Warm Beets Salad (in Apple Cider Vinegar) 醋拌甜菜
4 pre-cooked beets, steamed thinly sliced (or if you are using raw beets - cook them by steaming or roasting)
2 tbsps Apple Cider Vinegar to toss the steamed beets

Beets are sweet by nature so the splash of vinegar sourness balances out the sweetness very well.

Beets (or beetroots) is an excellent source of folic acid and rich in fiber, manganese and potassium.